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Ayutthaya hotel: Sala Ayutthaya hotel with river view

If you are planning your trip to Ayutthaya, one of the most important things to decide on is which hotel to stay at. There are many options in Ayutthaya, be it the regular format hotel or boutique hotel. We managed to stay in both. However, there are more interesting things to share about Ayutthaya hotel with river view, as river and water is what Ayutthaya is famous for. We stayed in a hotel at the riverside i.e.Sala Ayutthaya boutique hotel. Previously, we have shared about Ayutthaya restaurant scenes and how to get to Ayutthaya. In this post, we will give a review of our stay in Sala Ayutthaya hotel.

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The location of this hotel cannot be any better. It is by the river, and it is quite central. From the hotel you can reach the temple area with so much ease. There is a hospital nearby should you have any emergency. There are a lot of cafes and eateries that you can reach just by foot or by taking a 15-20 mins drive. However, given its very central location, they don’t have that much space for parking i.e. the parking lot is very tiny. And also, they have a restaurant inside – so as a hotel guest you are competing with the restaurant guests for parking space. This is a big downside to the hotel especially if you don’t manage to get your parking spot.

The hotel acknowledged this problem and reserved some space at the nearby park for hotel guests to park their cars. The park is around 5-7 mins by Tuktuk from the hotel. This can be a turn-off for some hotel guests as it is not that convenient having to commute just to get to the car. More so if the weather is not that friendly (big rain or scorching hot sun).

Sala Ayutthaya hotel architecture and design

We love boutique hotels and we love luxurious stays during our vacation. However, we like it the most when the hotel can combine both luxury and down-to-earth vibes at the same time i.e. low-key luxury experience.

Interesting architecture with clean lines

Sala Ayutthaya hotel has a very nice design overall and they hit the right spots when it comes to giving its guests a low-key luxury hotel stay experience. The hotel building is a low-rise building with 2 floors only. They use a lot of red bricks, wood, large glass windows, and clean off-white walls in their design. As a result, the vibe is modern, and yet, warm and welcoming.

ayutthaya hotel_sala ayutthaya wall
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ayutthaya hotel_sala ayutthaya architecture

Minimalistic, rustic room design

The room is not any different. It has a rustic and industrial, minimalistic look. They have a simple, but chic way to decorate and furnish the room. The mattress was also of very high quality, we had a very comfortable and sound sleep when we were there. There are other small details like how they set the bed frame a bit low when compared to other hotels, which made the experience of staying in the room extra special. 

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ayutthaya hotel_sala room bathtub
ayutthaya hotel_sala room bedroom
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Sala Ayutthaya hotel breakfast and food

Breakfast was part of the hotel stay package, and we felt very fortunate to be able to enjoy our breakfast while relishing the beautiful temple view across the river. The restaurant is very popular as well during lunch and dinner among hotel guests and non-hotel guests alike.

They have both Western and Asian / local breakfast menus. The breakfast format is not buffet but there are plenty of options that they serve for you at the table. By default, other than the main breakfast food that we choose, we get fruit, a basket of pastries as well as cereal along with yogurt/milk as well. 

The restaurant has both covered and uncovered areas. This way you always have an option to enjoy the river view outdoors even when it’s drizzling.

Moreover, we also ordered some food into the room on one of the nights when we felt lazy to drive around. The food was great and the delivery was quick.

ayutthaya hotel_sala hotel breakfast
ayutthaya hotel_sala ayutthaya restaurant dinner

Is it worth it to stay at Sala Ayutthaya hotel?

We had an enjoyable and unique boutique hotel stay experience at Sala Ayutthaya. The food, the room, and the service were all excellent. The only obvious downside was the small parking lot. 

Also, there are a lot of people taking photos in this hotel, be it hotel guests or restaurant guests. If you do not mind that, you can choose to stay in this hotel. We were there during weekdays, so we were not that bothered as there were fewer people. However, we can imagine during the weekends or popular national holidays in Thailand, there will be more photo-taking crowds around the hotel area. 

For families with kids who want to enjoy the pool, you will be able to enjoy the common pool located in the middle of the compound. This hotel unfortunately does not have any room with a private pool facility. If this is a dealbreaker for you, we suggest you find bigger hotels that might have more comprehensive facilities for each of their rooms. 

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