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Does Thailand Celebrate Lunar New Year?

Lunar new year is coming soon in January 2023. Another name for the Lunar New Year is Chinese New Year. The origin of the name Lunar New Year is the new year according to the lunar calendar, that the Chinese people follow. In Thailand, it is one of the celebrations that people have during the year. Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year in your country? If you are curious about Lunar New Year celebration in Thailand, this post is for you.

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Lunar New Year in Thailand

According to a survey by Thailand’s National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), as much as up to 25% of Thais are of Chinese descent. This makes Lunar New Year one of the “festivities” in Thailand for Thai Chinese (although not as big as the Thai new year or international new year). 

Lunar New Year in Thailand happens in the same time period as celebrations in other countries. However, unlike in China where it is a long public holiday, Lunar New Year in Thailand is not a public holiday. Nonetheless, Lunar New Year in Thailand is widely celebrated among Thai Chinese.

China town Bangkok

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Without question, you can find the biggest Thai Chinese community of all Thailand in China town Bangkok (located in Yaowarat Road). We just went there on our last trip to Bangkok, and it was our first time in China town.

There are so many people in China town. So many restaurants and eateries by the road. You will never run out of food options when you are in the area.

Other than being famous for delicious food, China town in Bangkok is also famous for its gold shops. 

So, does Thailand celebrate Lunar New Year?

For most Thai Chinese yes, and the festivities tend to focus around areas with significant Thai Chinese population like around China town in Bangkok. However, the festivities welcome everyone who wants to participate.

Thai Chinese usually follow the Chinese tradition like a family gathering at home, visiting relatives, collect red packets from relatives, etc. Other Thais usually join the celebration in popular areas like China town where there might be lion dance performing on the street and other fun festivities happening.

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