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How to adopt a dog from Thailand: a chance to save a life

There are about one million stray dogs and cats in Thailand, according to Thailand’s Livestock Development Department. And what’s alarming is that this number could reach 2 million in 2027. That’s what brings us to this topic: how to adopt a dog FROM or IN Thailand. We would like to encourage everyone looking for a furry companion to adopt and not shop. #adoptdontshop

Why is the increasing stray animal population an issue? This is a matter of population control and wellbeing/welfare of the animals. 

As one of the consequences from Coronavirus, the stray population in shelters is ballooning. Strays outside of the shelters either have to fend themselves or they are usually taken care of by some kind-hearted citizens. Many of these citizens are actually also facing financial difficulties due to Coronavirus. 

If you are an animal lover who is looking for a dog companion, then you can make a difference by adopting a dog IN Thailand or FROM Thailand. Remember, a small act like this could change the whole world for one’s life.

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Source: Soi Dog Foundation April Newsletter 2021

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Thailand's dog adoption requirement

If you are in Thailand, there is no formal requirement per se. The process can be as easy as adopting stray dogs or cats from the streets or finding people/organizations who are looking for adopters. 

If you are adopting a dog from people or organizations who are providing temporary shelters, you might need to sign a simple adoption agreement. The agreement is mostly there to protect the animal, ensuring that you will not torture or sell the animal.

Where can you find stray dogs or cats for adoption in Thailand?

The first stop you can try is Facebook page. There are many Facebook communities with members who locate strays and search for appropriate adopters. While most pages are in Thai, some pages like Furget me not – Thailand and The Adoptable Puppy Café  post about dog adoptions in English. These communities/groups are very active and you’ll see new updates every now and then.

There are also renowned organizations in Thailand facilitating animal adoption process:

Adopting a dog from Thailand while you are not in the country is a much more complicated process and we will cover this in the next section.

Facebook page like The Adoptable Puppy Cafe regularly posts adoption information both in English and Thai.

How to adopt a dog from Thailand

While this is a novel idea, we have to admit that the process could be complicated (and this depends on where you live). Each country has its own processes when you want to bring a pet or animal into the country. For example, we have written about Thailand’s process in our other post.  

In general, most countries will require some preparation (for example vaccination) and paperwork (info about the animal, health certificate etc.) done on the dog. Upon arrival of the adopted dog in your country, there might also be a quarantine requirement. 

Whether you are physically in Thailand or overseas, having an organization on the ground will make the process a lot easier. For instance, the Soi Dog Foundation provides detailed information about this process and will help you through this process without any fee.

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How easy is it to adopt a dog IN or FROM Thailand?

If you are in Thailand, the dog adoption process is very simple (almost non-existing). It can be as simple as picking up stray animals on the street as your own, or visiting a nearby shelter to adopt. 

However, if you are not in Thailand, it does get more complicated because it will involve cross-border migration. Don’t be disheartened by this, because there are local organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation that can help you get through this. They will make the preparation and paperwork process easier for you.

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