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Hua Hin hotels: boutique/ hotels with private pool

We have talked about Hua Hin briefly in our previous article as a popular beach holiday destination, especially among Bangkok people. If you are tempted to go to Hua Hin for holiday, you might be thinking about where is the best place to stay. We will cover the Hua Hin hotels / Cha Am hotels topic in this article. A lot of what we write here comes from our recent experience staying in the Hua Hin and Cha Am area. Moreover, we will also talk about options for Hua Hin hotel with private pools and boutique hotels in Hua Hin / Hua Hin boutique resort as well as Airbnb experience.

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Hua hin hotel with private pools: Cape Nidhra

We stayed in a 5-star boutique hotel in the middle of Hua Hin called Cape Nidhra. This hotel is part of the Cape & Kantary hotel group. If you want to book the hotel, you can do so via its own website or find some deals in aggregating platforms like Agoda or Expedia.

The hotel has a narrow entrance on the main road. But once you check in and go to the area where rooms are located, you will realise that the hotel is not small. The hotel complex is more narrow than most other bigger chain hotels like Marriott or Intercontinental in the same area. However, it goes deep to the beach area. Also, there are rooms on the ground floor, all the way to the 5th floor. Each room has its own private pool, but rooms on the ground floor have bigger pools located in your private garden.

The hotel has parking lot basement, gym, reading room, spa, and conference room. They have yoga class by the beach on the weekend morning as well.

A look into our room

We will show you photos of our room on the ground floor. The room is spacious and has a private pool inside, surrounded by some vegetation to allow you soak in the nature. However, being on the ground floor and surrounded by trees and plants may expose you to some insects, choosing rooms on higher floor will help to address this issue. 

hua hin hotels_cape nidhra private pool
hua hin hotels_cape nidhra room

The private pool on higher floors will look like this. This is taken in our other room we stayed in on the 4th floor.

hua hin hotels_cape nidhra private pool higher floor

Boutique luxury hotels in Hua Hin: VALA

After our stay in Cape Nidhra, we moved up from Hua Hin closer to the Cha Am area. We stayed in another Hua Hin boutique hotel called VALA Hua Hin hotel. This hotel can also be considered a 5-star boutique resort that provides a lot of activities which you can do inside the hotel compound alone (painting class, etc.).  There is gym, swimming pool, and also bike you can use for free in the hotel.

The hotel compound is large and the rooms are spread across the complex. They have a villa/bungalow or room version of the accommodation that you can choose. For the room type of accommodation, the highest floor you can stay in is the 3rd floor. The architecture of the hotel is appealing and Instagrammable to many – very minimalistic yet modern.

hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala
hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala evening

A look into our room

We stayed in one of the Beachfront rooms on the 3rd floor. We could get a full view of the beach and the sea from our room window. The room is not as large as Cape Nindhra’s – but the space is sufficient. The overall feel you can get from the room once you step into it is ‘luxe’. The room is bright, clean and has the ‘effortlessly chic’ vibe. 

There is no spa place per se, but you can get spa services like massage in your room. We actually tried the 60min massage service (they have 30, 60, 90 min options). The hotel staff will set up the massage bed and the masseuse will come to the room to give the massage service. It was a very good massage and I slept super well that night, highly recommend!

hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala window
hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala bedroom
hua hin hotels_vala room massage

Moreover, food in the hotel was great – we had both dinner and breakfast in the hotel’s Woods restaurant. The restaurant is very open and airy, just like other parts of the hotel structurally.  

hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala restaurant
hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala restaurant
hua hin hotels_boutique hotels in hua hin Vala breakfast2

Airbnb option

You can find a good number of luxury condominiums and apartments in Hua Hin, some of which are located right along side 5-star hotels like Marriott or Intercontinental.

We recently stayed in a 4 bedroom condominium with pool and beach access. It also came with a fully equipped kitchen and a large living room. This makes it a perfect place for family or those traveling in a large group.

Hua Hin Airbnb

Our take on boutique luxury hotels in Hua Hin

We would say they can be pricey, but they tend to offer more unique experiences compared to the bigger chain hotels. However, what we noticed is in the central Hua Hin, bigger chain hotels like Marriott, Dusit, Intercontinental, might have better locations and better beach front compared to more boutique hotel like Cape Nidhra. But if you go up slightly north closer to Cha Am area, boutique hotels like VALA might have better chance in securing bigger space (and perhaps better location as well) for the hotel compound. That’s why we found VALA hotel to be more open and airy compared to Cape Nidhra. 

Having said that, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Hua Hin staying in those two hotels. And we hope to go back again!

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