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Stray cats in Thailand: situation / how to make a difference

In the previous post, we talked about how there are about a million stray dogs and cats in Thailand and how you can adopt a dog from/in Thailand.

Not only stray dogs that need your attention, but also stray cats in Thailand. This is because many shelters and kind-hearted citizens who help to take care of the strays are facing financial difficulties due to coronavirus. 

Many stray cats in Thailand face challenges such as population control, illness, lack of food and other natural predators. In Thailand, there are a lot of kittens and cats on the street that fall prey to predators such as snakes and water monitors (a smaller version of comodo dragon).

In this post, we will talk about where and how you can make a difference for stray cats in Thailand. 

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Where can you visit stray cats in Thailand? Shelter, cat cafes and cat island!

While many strays are still living on the streets, there are already shelters and volunteers helping to connect strays to prospective adopters. 

  1. Shelter: There are many small shelters who take care of cats across Thailand, however only a few communicate in English. For instance, PickaPet4Home-Bangkok is a shelter with bilingual language capability, and they operate a Facebook page that bridges stray animals (both cats and dogs) with prospective adopters. 
  2. Cat cafes: There are many cat cafes in Thailand, however some cafes focus solely on strays – that means you can even adopt these cats and bring them home! An example is PAWS Bangkok, which operates a cat café and rescue operation in Bangkok.
  3. Cat island: Japan has a famous cat island (Aoshima), and wait for it – Thailand has a cat island as well! Although a lot smaller in scale & less well-known, it does exist! 

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Can you adopt cats in Thailand (or from Thailand?)

Yes absolutely, the process is very simple for those who are living in Thailand. Although it is slightly more complicated to adopt from Thailand when you are overseas, it is still possible.

All you need to do is find strays who are up for adoptions via a shelter, cat café or an organization like Soi Dog. While this process is free-of-charge, some people/organizations may ask you to sign a simple adoption agreement. This agreement is purely to protect the animal and ensure that you would not torture them or sell them off.

There are many beautiful stray cats in Thailand. So, definitely you should consider the adoption route if you are a cat lover and looking for a meow furriends. You may even be able to pick up Thai  Siamese cats as well!

Adoption from overseas

If you are looking to adopt a cat in Thailand from overseas, this process gets more complicated and we recommend you to get help from local organizations like the Soi Dog Foundation. Such an organization can help you do the necessary preparation for the animals as well as the paperwork required by the immigration.

PAWS Bangkok is regularly on a look out for adopters. 

How easy is it to adopt a stray cat in Thailand?

The answer is, it is pretty easy! There are many stray cats in Thailand who are in need of help (and their number is growing). Therefore, A lot of organizations and people in the community have made it their mission to help these cats find a forever home. 

There might be some worries about adopting a cat without seeing them first. However, there are shelters and cafes that you can visit to see the cats firsthand, before you decide on adopting. With such a growing number of abandoned animals (especially cats and dogs) in Thailand, adopting is a way to help with these animals’ welfare. Do consider adopting instead of shopping for animals at the breeder/pet shop – this small action means a world to these furry friends. 

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