Thai Constellation Monstera

Thai Constellation Monstera: Price and Variant Comparison

Home gardening has been booming since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Reuters reported a 270% jump in seed demand at the peak of the pandemic. But what we found even more intriguing is news like a pot of plant being sold for THB1.4m (~US$42,000) in Thailand. Such a staggering amount is sufficient to purchase a car or to use as a down payment for a house! We are not plant or garden experts but learn more about what makes the Thai Constellation Monstera special with us! We will also cover the its price, along with other variations for monstera.

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About This Popular Plant

Thai Constellation Monstera

The Thai Constellation Monstera is a plant from the monstera deliciosa family. It is well known for its large, green marbled leaves with cream/yellow color spread. The plant can grow both outdoors or indoors as a houseplant or natural decoration to your home. This plant can grow to 1 or several meters high under optimal conditions. Keep in mind this possibility if you are looking to keep it indoors. The feature that makes this plant unique is the cream/yellow spread across its marbled green leaves. This sets the Thai Constellation Monstera apart from its peers like Monstera Albo, Aurea, or Mint.

Thai Constellation Monstera vs. Monstera Albo

Monstera Albo draws its name from albo, which means white in latin. As the name suggests, Monstera Albo has white color contrast to the marbled green leaves. The white/green pattern can appear in half-and-half proportion or spread throughout the leaves. One key difference between the Thai Constellation Monstera and albo would be the Thai constellation’s creamy yellow color and Albo white color. The half and half patterns are also not commonly found in the former.

Thai Constellation Monstera vs. Monstera Mint

Thai Constellation Monstera vs Mint

Monstera Mint is a rare find among monstera. Its unique feature is represented as a mixture between green, yellow and white colors that result in light green color leaves. Leaf pattern and color of Monstera Mint tend to be unique, even on the same tree/plant. Due to its rarity, Monstera Mint is the most expensive monstera within our comparisons. 

Cost: Thai Constellation Monstera price

In Thailand, the starting price for this plant starts at around ~THB4,000 (US$120). This seemingly affordable starting price can scale up really quickly depending on the color and spread patterns. In comparison, the starting price for Monstera Albo is around ~THB8,000 – double of Thai Constellation Monstera. Lastly, our most expensive monstera is Monstera Mint, which is hard to find. Due to its rarity, it has a starting price at around THB500,000 (US$15,000). Some vendors will scale their price up depending on the number of leaves with unique color/pattern. In the news that we cited above, the Monstera Mint plant was sold at a staggering price of US$42,000!

Should you get one for your home or garden?

Gardening is a relaxing hobby and monstera is a gorgeous-looking plant that can decorate your home really nicely. Hopefully, now you understand better about Thai Constellation Monstera price, the comparison with Monstera Albo and Monstera Mint – in case you want to purchase one for your house.

We got to see some friends with green thumbs who have monstera in their house, and these plants are indeed a nice addition to the house decor. However, since collecting rare monstera may be expensive, you can opt to grow any monstera plant or more practical plants. Personally, at this point in our lives where we value practicality the most, we opt to grow Thai herbs like basil which also comes in handy in the kitchen. 

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