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Thai milk tea dessert: Thai tea ice cream, cake and more!

If you are a fan of Thai iced milk tea then you must have had countless cups of Thai tea already. Now we will ask you, have you tried many other adaptations of Thai tea? There are many desserts using Thai tea as their ingredients and they are very popular as well. Examples are Thai tea ice cream, Thai tea cake, and Thai tea crepe cake – and the list can go on. Do they ring any bells? 

We will be exploring some of the Thai tea desserts and share where you could try them in this article.

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Thai tea ice cream

Ice cream is great, especially in a country like Thailand where the weather is hot. But to most people, ice cream always sounds like a good plan.

When you think of Thailand, ice cream flavors like coconut, mango, or durian would probably be the first that comes to your mind. And this is only natural because there are so many such ice creams already in the market. However, Thai tea ice cream is equally great and you should give it a try as well when you get the chance. 

Thai tea ice cream has a sweet and creamy taste with a fragrant tea smell just like when you drink iced Thai milk tea. However, Thai tea ice cream has more texture in it and it’s even more cooling than a cup of iced Thai milk tea. 

Where can you try Thai tea ice cream? The surest way is to locate a shop from Cha Tra Mue (the brand behind traditional Thai tea). If you are in Thailand, Cha Tra Mue branches can be found in malls, airports and some BTS stations. If you are flying into Thailand then you can even find Cha Tra Mue branches in Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang Airport! Are they expensive? Nope! A soft-serve cone of Thai tea ice cream costs about USD 1.3, it’s like getting a McDonald cone if you are in the US. 

Outside of Thailand, Cha Tra Mue has branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, and 5 other countries (at the time of this writing). Feel free to check all their locations on their website.

Thai tea ice cream_softserve

Thai tea ice cream from Cha Tra Mue. Photo and review (in Thai) can be found at The Cloud.

Cake with Thai tea flavor

Thai tea_Thai tea cake

You can have iced Thai milk tea with a cake of course, but if you are looking to try something new or cut on Thai milk tea calories (ie avoid having cake with Thai milk tea) – then you can opt to just have Thai tea cake.

Many restaurants and cafes offer cakes, and they tend to change depending on popularity, seasons, locations etc. 

We had a great Thai tea cake in a beachside café in Hua Hin. There are also many cake shops in Bangkok offering Thai tea cake like Amor, which offers both classic Thai tea cake and Thai tea crepe cake. Amor has 20 or more locations around Bangkok so feel free check to them out if you are visiting Thailand. 

If you are not in Thailand then your best bet would be to check out some international Thai chain like Greyhound café. We have had Thai tea crepe cake from Greyhound in their Hong Kong branch in the past. Outside of Thailand, Greyhound has locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the UK, Indonesia, and Vietnam. 

Thai tea crepe cake from Greyhound Cafe in Hong Kong.

Toast with Thai tea flavor

And now we are getting into some more niche applications of Thai tea in desserts. Many dessert chains have tried to incorporated Thai tea into their toast

  • After you: One of Thailand’s most popular dessert chain, famous for its thick toast desserts. They have their own version of thick toast with Thai tea ice cream! 
  • Code Café of Desserts: another dessert specialist that incorporated Thai tea into its toast to make a Thai boba tea lava cake! Imagine Thai tea with bobas gushing out of your thick toast!
  • Greyhound café: they have a basic toast menu called Happy Toast – but it comes with many dressings you can put on top like condensed milk, coffee caramel, sea salt caramel, and of course, Thai tea custard!

Going beyond Thai tea ice cream or cake

To get this far into the article, you must be a true fan of Thai ice tea! If you make a visit to any of the cafes mentioned above, let’s see what other Thai tea items can you get. 

After you: Kakigori or shaved ice dessert is probably the most cooling dessert you can find. After you offers Thai tea Kakigori! 

Greyhound café: Offers Thai Tea-Ramisu under their “Happiness in a Jar” concept

Thai tea_Thai tea-ramisu

The usage of Thai tea in desserts

There may be many reasons why Thai tea lovers may look for Thai tea desserts. You may be looking to try something new, bored with the same/old Thai tea drink or you may want to cut back on caffeine content found in Thai tea beverages.

Whatever your reason may be, there are a great variety of desserts making use of Thai tea. For example, Thai tea ice cream, Thai tea cake, toast, and many more – especially if you are visiting Thailand.

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