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Thailand Glamping Experience in Te Mata 360, Khao Yai

We recently went to Khao Yai and checked out a few different types of accommodations, including Glamping hotel. Read our thorough review on Khao Yai boutique hotels and other types of accommodations in our previous post. In this post, we will deep dive into the review of our one-of-a-kind luxurious glamping experience in Te Mata 360, Khao Yai so that you can have an idea what Thailand glamping stay is like.

Boutique hotel Khaoyai_feaatured

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Customized service for every guest

Our Thailand glamping experience is with Te Mata. The Te Mata 360 hotel experience was very unique and truly memorable. We never experienced anything close to this before.

The experience is very personalized and feels very boutique. There is no website for booking but you can leave your information in the “Contact Us” form on the website. They will reach out to you to understand your needs for your stay. Then, they will recommend the best place to stay among the different hotel concepts that they have. 

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There is no typical check-in desk. Check-in time is quite standard, at 3pm. You can contact the hotel staff through Line if you are about to arrive a bit later. There is a private carpark for your car right outside the glamping area.

They will send their staff to greet you at your glamp. They will help to bring your belongings in, as well as confirm with you about your personal data and check what your needs and wants are for dinner and breakfast the next morning. There is a form that you need to fill in to indicate your preferences for the meals. 

Throughout our stay there, we just messaged them via Line if we need something from them, be it extra towel, extra cup of coffee, etc. The glamping area is very private, no staff will come by unless you summon them. When they come over, they will ring a bell at the gate and you allow them to enter.

High-tech jacuzzi pool

thailand glamping_te mata 360 jacuzzi

Te Mata 360’s jacuzzi pool with regulated temperature was one of the best features of the glamping hotel. It is very luxurious i.e. not many other places in the area is equipped with such a pool. Khao Yai can be a bit windy especially if you are up on the hill. And Te Mata 360 was located on one. The heated pool allows you to stay warm in the water and enjoy the cool breeze at the same time.

We stayed in other 5 star hotels before our stay at Te Mata 360 and they had regular swimming pool. Despite the hot blazing sun, the pool water can still be very cold to the body. Those who like to do cold shower, maybe this is not a major concern. However, we reckoned that if you stop moving or swimming in such a pool you will feel cold immediately.

thailand glamping_te mata 360 poolside

The jacuzzi with warm water, overlooking the mountain was a great pool to dip yourself in, while enjoying the beautiful surrounding nature. There were some reclining chairs by the side of the pool. You can comfortably read your favorite book or browse the laptop or iPad while watching the sunset over there.

Luxurious gadgets and amenities

The hotel does not hold back in providing its guests the best gadgets during their stay. The living room and bedroom have high quality high-tech gadgets. There is even a Dyson hairdryer at the vanity room. The bedroom also has different equipment that you need to ensure your stay very comfortable. There were multiples machines for air dehumidifying, air conditioning, air purifying, to mention a few. 

They also provide guests with their in-house brand toiletries that feel aromatherapeutic and luxurious at the same time. They provide high quality shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and even pillow mist and rose water facial mist from their own brand. These can be purchased separately if you fancy the items and want to bring some back home.

thailand glamping_te mata 360 tech gadgets
thailand glamping_te mata 360 dyson

Spacious, comfortable rooms

Te Mata 360 is perfect for 2 people, but can accommodate up to 4 people. The bedroom is designed for 2 people but there is a sofa bed in the living room, the can be turned into bed at night by the staff for sleeping. Both the living room and bedroom allow you to have a very comfortable stay.

The living room is very spacious. There are multiple surfaces for you to eat or work or drink coffee. There are sofas for you to lounge around with your loved ones, maybe play some board games in the cupboard that are free to use. You can connect your favorite music player to the Marshall speaker via bluetooth and blast chill music to give you and your loved ones that vacation vibe during the Thailand glamping stay.

Boutique hotel khao yai_khao yai glamping_te mata 360 living room

The bedroom was connected to the bathroom that has both shower and bathtub. For sleep, you can choose from the pillow menu what kind of pillow you want to use that night. There are many pillows for you to sleep with (or to make pillow castle!). If you want to use the bathtub, they provide you with both bath salts and bath scrubs. You can light the candle for maximum zen during your bath as well.

There was another bathroom and outdoor kitchen which we did not really try out as well.

thailand glamping_te mata 360 bedroom
thailand glamping_te mata 360 bathroom
Boutique hotel khao yai_khao yai glamping_te mata 360 bathroom

Thailand glamping & delicious food

The food that we had during our stay was amazing. Both dinner (hotpot) and breakfast were of high quality ingredients. The coffee that we had at Te Mata 360 was also the best that we had so far in Khao Yai (that’s quite a feat!)

We had Tom Yum hotpot for dinner and we can choose what ingredients to order. The portion was humongous. We did not order a lot but we believe we can feed 2 other people with the amount of food. The pork and beef that we ordered were fresh. Likewise for the vegetables. The soup options that they have were great. We thoroughly enjoyed the food.

Other dinner options include BBQ and other western and Thai dishes.

In case you are wondering if there were a lot of insects roaming around when we sat outdoors, there were. But rest assured because the hotel equips you with insect lights that will attract and kill the insects before they come to you.

The hotel also provides you with a small bonfire to grill marshmallows at night. It can be a fun night activity with your loved ones (other larger glamps are equipped with proper camp fire pits).

For breakfast, we can choose what time to have our breakfast, latest being 11am. They set the breakfast at both the outdoor table or in the living room. You can choose between Western or Asian breakfast or both. 

Boutique hotel khao yai_khao yai glamping_te mata 360 dinner
thailand glamping_te mata 360 breakfast

Do we recommend Te Mata 360 for Thailand glamping?

Definitely, with the caveat that it fits your budget and travel style! Te Mata 360 is a luxurious glamping hotel and given that the price might be steep to most people, you might want to reserve your stay there for special occasions. 

However, having said that, the experience was truly unique and eye-opening. We have never stayed in a hotel with this format before. Te Mata 360 definitely sets the bar very high for other glamping places (we are in trouble!).

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