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Legal cannabis F&B menu under Thailand marijuana laws

The topic of marijuana legality in Thailand is a popular topic among all due to the recent update in Thailand marijuana laws. We have covered the topic of “Is marijuana legal in Thailand?” in our previous posts. So what’s new this time? Since we have covered Thailand marijuana law topic before, now we will be sharing our experience trying out some of the legalized cannabis infused products that are now legal in Thailand.

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Thailand marijuana laws: a quick recap

We have already examined Thailand drug law and legalization of marijuana in previous posts. In short, Thailand has now legalized cannabis for medical and research purposes. Additionally, cannabis leaves and roots from FDA-approved sources can be incorporated into cooking. Hence, we are starting to see marijuana-themed menus introduced by many restaurants and cafés in Thailand (which we will try out).

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We tried out some marijuana-themed food and beverage menu

Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Thailand, our first tasting experience will go to cannabis-infused cookies and beverages, which we ordered on Facebook. The shop we bought them from is Smile Milk dessert shop in Bangkok.

The process was very simple and convenient. First, you make your order on the Facebook page, then you make payment via a bank transfer and they’ll deliver the products to your doorstep the next day.

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What did we try out? We tried their cookies, chrysanthemum tea and honey lemon cannabis tea. 

Are they yummy? Well, the cookies taste like chocolate butter cookies. You can clearly see that they’ve mixed cannabis leaves into the dough before baking. The cookies taste great, and there was no strong smell from cannabis at all.

Thailand marijuana laws_cookie

The honey lemon cannabis tea tasted great but it might be too sweet for some people. Our guess is that they infused the drink with CBD extract directly.

We had chrysanthemum tea with ice after our dinner. It was refreshing on a hot day (it is hot in Thailand every day now during this rainy season in June).

So what’s the verdict? The food and beverages did taste good, and the small presence of cannabis and/or CBD in them did not impact the taste or smell. It was a “relaxing” experience after the consumption – they feel safe to consume without getting stoned. And it goes without saying, we had a good sleep that night.

Overall experience with the cannabis-infused menu

These cannabis-infused products tasted great, and we can tell that the store created a well-thought recipe for these products. 

However, these menus are still pretty “light”, and not comparable to picking up a cannabis-infused brownie or cupcake from a café in Amsterdam, for example.

They will help to make you feel relaxed but nothing more than that. Nonetheless, many operators are experimenting with cannabis menus so we will see more variations in the menu in the future.

Personally, it would be interesting to see if these operators will work with relaxation spa & massage centers in the future to create a totally relaxing experience for the customers. 

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