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Thailand weather in January: temperature, humidity and sun

Winter holiday season is approaching, and many are looking to travel again. In this article, we will be covering Thailand weather in January for travelers who are looking to stay in or visit Thailand after the new year.

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Recap on Thailand's year-round weather

As a tropical country, Thailand has three primary seasons namely summer, rainy and winter. Summer starts sometime in February and lasts until April. As the name suggests, this is a hot season and the temperature can go as high as 37 degree Celsius. Rainy season starts from May until mid-October. It rains a lot as the season sees almost 2-3x more rainfall than other seasons. It also comes with average humidity of 70-80%. Lastly, Winter starts from mid-October or November and will last until the end of January, which is the focus of our article.

For detailed information of these seasons, feel free to visit a dedicated article on this topic.

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How is the weather in Thailand in January?

Thailand weather in January still falls under the Winter season, so travelers can expect relatively cool and dry weather. Depending on where you are within Thailand, the temperature can range from 23 to 33 degree Celsius. In some years, the temperature may drop below 20 – and this is already considered “cold” for Thailand. Weather in January would range from 73 to 91 Fahrenheit for those who are not familiar with degree Celsius.

January is also one of the driest months in Thailand with almost 10x lower mean rainfall when compared to the rainy season. January’s cool & dry weather makes it the best month for outdoor activities in Thailand. You can enjoy the beach without worrying about the rain or you can hike up/camp in a mountain to enjoy the cool and refreshing wind. 

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Slight variations between the South, Central and Northern Thailand

There is a certain degree of variance when it comes from weather around different parts of Thailand. This means Phuket or Krabi weather in January may not be the same as Bangkok weather in January or Chiangmai weather in January. While the differences will not be extreme, they can still be noticeable. 

To generalize the difference, Northern Thailand is typically cooler and drier, while the South is hotter and more humid. So Phuket and Krabi weather in January might be 1-3 degree Celsius higher than Chiangmai weather in January, with slightly higher humidity as well. However, since January is still the driest month, travelers can expect little to no rainfall during the stay even in the south.

Should you travel to Thailand in January?

Thailand weather in January is one of the best all year round. It’s the most comfortable, especially if you are planning to go outdoor.

However if you are traveling during Christmas and New year period, December weather is also great if not just as nice.

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